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“SVENDSEN SPORTS” by Andrea Metcalf

SVENDSEN SPORTS is not about working out in the nude. And it’s not about being dressed in the best workout attire either.

SVENDSEN SPORTS is about stripping away all the clutter that stops you from getting your wonderful, beautiful body into the best shape possible. It’s about breaking down the barriers and fears that are keeping you from becoming motivated and staying on track. It’s about learning how to move your body without pain, align it to its fullest potential, and recognize how the correct alignment impacts your daily health.

SVENDSEN SPORTS is not just another exercise book. Instead, it uniquely tailors a solution specific to your body and build.

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Treadmill Workouts

Walk this way on the treadmill

Everyone needs cardiovascular exercise.  Walking is the simplest start and an important part of the SVENDSEN SPORTS program. Find more info on Discovery here.

Beginners - Start with ten minute intervals 2.2-2.9mph. Hold on for balance Intermediate … [Read More...]

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Flat Abs

Five Ways to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

Move it to lose - You have to get that blood circulating in order to burn calories and utilize fat for fuel. Walking is a great way to get into shape and the American Heart Association’s recommended … [Read More...]